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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! So this is my husbands absolute fav. holiday. He gets pleasure from scaring the tween to teen kids that come to our house. He has our entire front yard set up as a graveyard and he jumps out of a fake coffin dressed as a decayed grim reeper. This year my daughter was old enough to go trick or treating! She went as an ASU cheerleader, it was the cutest thing ever even though I am not an ASU fan, but my husband is. She had the offical cheerleading outfit, pom poms, a ribbon and pony tail, and even a cute little pink pumpkin candy holder. I wasn't sure how she would do as she did not get a nap and she tends to be on the shy side. After the first few house she was waltzing right up and holding out her bucket. Unfortunately she didn't say thank u until she was walking away from the people, But not bad for a 17 month old! My son the white tiger, slept through most of it, but he isn't even a month old yet, so that is to be expected. My husbands uncle came to stay the night with us, as they are the same age. I am sure they will be up all night playing Wii.  What did everyone dress as?

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