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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Food Stamps

So for the first time ever I had to go and apply for food stamps. The thing that really makes me mad is that if you still have a job, then you have to jumo through all these hoops and it takes a month for them to give u anything. If you are sitting on ur butt at home you get then immediately and get a lot more , plus a cash amount, and various other things. My apt was at 8am which i told the lady was not good for me, but she said I had to come in then or wait two more weeks. So the day before my kids go to the doc and my daughter gets a shot. That night she has a reaction and gets a high fever. So we decided to camp out in the living room so that we could be closer to her and keep an eye on her and my son at the same time. I was soooo un-comfortable and barely slept that night. So I wake up at 7:30 when we should have left at 715 so we rush through and leave at 740. So of course we get there 10 mins late and they had given our apt away. So I can wait and see if someone else doesn;t show up or I can wait two weeks. So me my husband, my 16month old and my one week old are sitting in this dirty waiting room praying that we get in. At 9:30 they finally call us back. I had to bring a whole laundry list of papers. Proof of a mortgage, all the utility bills, proof of income, and 2 forms of id for everyone. Even then I get there and they are asking me for things I don't have and my pay check stubs were not good enough they wanted more. Yet, if I am un-employed I come in and say that, they give me a card on the spot and cash to get started. How the heck is that right? Here I am husband lost his job, I just had a baby and am hard working, and I have to wait a month to get help for my family. Sit back have nothing to eat b/c I have to use all my money to pay my bills and buy diapers. Crazy!

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