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Saturday, October 24, 2009


So yesterday my husbands grandparents came from phx to finally meet their new great grandson. Some hwo I got stuck cooking the whole meal, except for one thing. I really don't know how that worked out. It actually turned out to be a good afternoon. Not a huge fan of my in-laws, but sometimes it works out...lol/ His grandparents brought us a food box all the way from a phx food bank. When we went through the box after everyone had left that night there were bags of open things, flour, oatmeal. Literally these were grocerie bags full of this stuff, just loose in the bag. There were really fancy packages of canadian bacon that expired in 2005!!! I have never gotten a food box before, but do they really not pay attention to dates on things? I could understand if it expired that same year, and I would probably even eat it and hope for the best, but 4 years ago, thats crazy and meat at that. Then there was the loose flour, oatmeal, and noodles would u eat that? Seems like a huge crap shoot on rather or not u are going to get some weird illness. Not to mention I have young kids and I am breast feeding one, I can't afford to get food poisioning or some crazy illness. Has anyone else ever had any of these experiences?

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