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I am 25 years old and I have 2 beautiful children, one boy and one girl. My Husband and I live in a home that we bought in 2006 and so excited to be building our family.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! So this is my husbands absolute fav. holiday. He gets pleasure from scaring the tween to teen kids that come to our house. He has our entire front yard set up as a graveyard and he jumps out of a fake coffin dressed as a decayed grim reeper. This year my daughter was old enough to go trick or treating! She went as an ASU cheerleader, it was the cutest thing ever even though I am not an ASU fan, but my husband is. She had the offical cheerleading outfit, pom poms, a ribbon and pony tail, and even a cute little pink pumpkin candy holder. I wasn't sure how she would do as she did not get a nap and she tends to be on the shy side. After the first few house she was waltzing right up and holding out her bucket. Unfortunately she didn't say thank u until she was walking away from the people, But not bad for a 17 month old! My son the white tiger, slept through most of it, but he isn't even a month old yet, so that is to be expected. My husbands uncle came to stay the night with us, as they are the same age. I am sure they will be up all night playing Wii.  What did everyone dress as?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Tricks

The last two days have been pretty un-eventful. The days seem to run together on my maternity leave. I am anxious to get back to work and start my new position, yet I know once I get back I will wish I was at home with my little ones. I was supposed to get an answer from my mortgage today on if they were going to be able to help me. As usual I got nothing and could not reach them. Something funny did happen today though. I put my daughter down for a nap as usual. I went in to check her about an hour later and she was laying half naked in her crib. She had figured out how to take her diaper off!!!! Thank goodness it was a clean one and I didn't end up with anything smeared anywhere. That is yet to happen, but with two kids I know that it will happen eventually :( Thank goodness for small miracles!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Huge Boy!

My son is up to 10lbs 8 oz! that means he gained 2lbs 3oz since birth. He also grew 2 1/2 inches. That is just crazy. My daughter didn;t gain weight for the first month or so and now at 17months she is just now over 20lbs. He is a non-stop eater so that has a lot to do with it. He also is very very active comapired to the way my daughter was. She was very "lazy" for a lack of a better word the first few months. My son can already hold his head up and roll from side to side from the day he was born. I am wondering if this is due to the natural child birth, maybe epidurals have a bigger effect of the baby than we realize? Meanwhile I am out of Coke and I really want one. It seems that my craving actually increase after i have the baby. During pregnancy I am not very hungry and nothing sounds good.


So ALLLLLL day it seems, i have been trying to get a new template for my page. I want to have 3 columns. No matter what i try it is giving me an error messgae :( Frankly it is driving me crazy. I am very persistent and yet it is not paying off. I do not know enough about html stuff to figure it out, usually site just do that for u, but it doesn't seem to be working. HELP!!!


Yesterday was my husbands birthday. Even though our cawsh supply is extremely low, we had to celebrate. We went out to eat at one of our fav places. It is not easy to eat out with a 17month old and a 3 week old! My oldest was fussy the whole time until her food got there. The new born had to be held almost the whole time to avoid him crying. It is not easy to eat with a baby in ur arms! The things we learn to do as Moms!! Every little thing is completely worth it. The best part was I secretly told the waitress that it was my husbands birthday, the look on his face when all the waiters started singing and he realized they were singing to him, was priceless!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


So yesterday my husbands grandparents came from phx to finally meet their new great grandson. Some hwo I got stuck cooking the whole meal, except for one thing. I really don't know how that worked out. It actually turned out to be a good afternoon. Not a huge fan of my in-laws, but sometimes it works out...lol/ His grandparents brought us a food box all the way from a phx food bank. When we went through the box after everyone had left that night there were bags of open things, flour, oatmeal. Literally these were grocerie bags full of this stuff, just loose in the bag. There were really fancy packages of canadian bacon that expired in 2005!!! I have never gotten a food box before, but do they really not pay attention to dates on things? I could understand if it expired that same year, and I would probably even eat it and hope for the best, but 4 years ago, thats crazy and meat at that. Then there was the loose flour, oatmeal, and noodles would u eat that? Seems like a huge crap shoot on rather or not u are going to get some weird illness. Not to mention I have young kids and I am breast feeding one, I can't afford to get food poisioning or some crazy illness. Has anyone else ever had any of these experiences?


So my husband also applied for un-emplyment. We get a wopping 240 a week when he used to bring home over $800. How are we supposed to live on that? Then my mortgage company. Boy are they a joke. Half the time you get someone who does not speak english, and u NEVER get two people that tell u the same thing. So I am probably going to be loosing my house soon. almost 4 years of living pay check to pay check scrapping by to keep a home for my children and now all the time and hardship down the drain, b/c our economy is crappy. I don't even understand how our economy goes down? Does anyone understand how a recession begins, please explain it to me. People spend less money b/c they lost their job, they lost their job b/c people are spending less money...Which came first the chicken or the egg, just doesn't make any sense to me at all

Food Stamps

So for the first time ever I had to go and apply for food stamps. The thing that really makes me mad is that if you still have a job, then you have to jumo through all these hoops and it takes a month for them to give u anything. If you are sitting on ur butt at home you get then immediately and get a lot more , plus a cash amount, and various other things. My apt was at 8am which i told the lady was not good for me, but she said I had to come in then or wait two more weeks. So the day before my kids go to the doc and my daughter gets a shot. That night she has a reaction and gets a high fever. So we decided to camp out in the living room so that we could be closer to her and keep an eye on her and my son at the same time. I was soooo un-comfortable and barely slept that night. So I wake up at 7:30 when we should have left at 715 so we rush through and leave at 740. So of course we get there 10 mins late and they had given our apt away. So I can wait and see if someone else doesn;t show up or I can wait two weeks. So me my husband, my 16month old and my one week old are sitting in this dirty waiting room praying that we get in. At 9:30 they finally call us back. I had to bring a whole laundry list of papers. Proof of a mortgage, all the utility bills, proof of income, and 2 forms of id for everyone. Even then I get there and they are asking me for things I don't have and my pay check stubs were not good enough they wanted more. Yet, if I am un-employed I come in and say that, they give me a card on the spot and cash to get started. How the heck is that right? Here I am husband lost his job, I just had a baby and am hard working, and I have to wait a month to get help for my family. Sit back have nothing to eat b/c I have to use all my money to pay my bills and buy diapers. Crazy!

Baby Boy

So we ended up staying in the hospital 2 1/2 days. My epidural did not work at all! My right thigh went numb, I could feel everything else, EVERYTHING. The contractions were so bad and close together I was screaming and asking for someone to kill me. At one point I really thought I was going to pass out I couldn't get a breath between contractions and was in so much pain. I asked the nurse what happens if I pass out? She said "Don;t worry we will wait for you." Funny right? Not when ur in labor. I will never forget that though, I was hoping well we will hurry and get him out before u wake up, it will make your labor go faster, you can have him while ur passed out, but no we will wait for u!! Then I tore again so i could feel all the stitches this time. And on top of that my placenta would not come out so i had to get that manually taken out...holy cow did that hurt too. He was a big boy! My daughter was only 6lbs 4 oz and out he comes at 8lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long! Then poor little guy got a fever that night. My bleeding was un-controllable so they wouldn't let us out the next morning. My mom is staying at my house watching my daughter. that should be very interesting, as my daughter is very shy.

It's Time

So I have been having contractions on and off for a few days now. I am dialated out to 2-3 and the doc says its time. Tommorow Morning (oct 2) we are going in to get induced. Last time it took 12 hours. Doc had to use forceps to get my daughter out. I tore almost all the way from one opening to another and I don't even want to talk about sitting on stiches. Wish me luck that it goes better this time! I am super excited. Hopefully My husband stays awake with me after the baby is birn this time!

What a bad day

So I was on top of the world. With my promotion and my husbands high salary we would finally not be living pay check to paycheck. We could afford to finally have date nights. We could even put money away in the bank! No more praying for mortgage not to come out for a few extra days. So there I am walking thru walmart with my daughter buying things at random, because I can afford it now, and my phone rings. It my husband, and he has locked his keys in the car. i tell him I am almost done be home soon. " I got laid off today, don't buy anything" "Are you kidding?" "No, I wouldn't joke about that." Are you Kidding??? It never seems to fail that nothing can be going good. I am due any second, my mortgage is almost caught up and now we are more than poor again and wont even be living pay check to paycheck, but on the street. I cried the whole way home and most of the night. My husband couldn't stop using profanities.


So finally after three years at my job, I am getting a promotion. It was a long hoirrible interview process. I had 4 interviews and was never prepaired for them as I was given no details. Most of all I had such a hard time arranging child care at the last minute, but I didn't want to hurt my chances by trying to re-schedule job interviews. All of this and I am due in two weeks! So today i got called in and the two main bosses went on and on and kept dropping hints that I had gotten it by talking about what the weeks would look like with me on maternity leave and then boom they drop the boom. "we would like to offer you the position, if you still want it." Heck ya I want it! So now I have to work with my direct boos, who I am not a fan of.